As an prominent educational leader, as well as an attorney with over twenty (20) years of experience, Joseph Zupancic has a level of knowledge and experience on school law, policy and practice that is second to none in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

As an attorney who has represented students and parents in matters ranging from school discipline, special education and civil rights, Attorney Zupancic knows the worries and  concerns that parents have in guiding their children through the public school system.

As a school board member and educational leader, Attorney Zupancic understands how schools make the decisions on how it will proceed with your child's education.  In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Board of Education of your school will usually have the final say on resolving disputes.  Sometimes, the school's administration and the school's board will not agree on how to handle a particular matter.  It is important to have an advocate that understands how these conflicts will be resolved.

In almost all cases, all of the parties are trying to arrive at what they believe to be in the best educational interest of the child.  However, oftentimes they have vastly different ideas of how to pursue that interest.  It is important that you have an advocate that understands your rights and how to fight to enforce them.

School Law