Been in an auto accident?  Hurt at work?  Someone owe you money on a loan they never paid back?

You may have a legal case against that person and/or their insurance company for the payment of damages or other equitable relief.

An experienced civil attorney can evaluate your claim and advise you as to whether you can sue someone for damages done to you.

As is the case in defending a lawsuit, it is important for the Plaintiff to hit the ground running, as well.  Deadlines like the statute of limitations can run out, and witnesses must be interviewed in a timely manner. 



What do you do now?  ACT IMMEDIATELY!  Most people don't understand that if you do not act immediately once you have been sued you could lose important legal rights.  Thus, it is vital that you begin to plan your defense as soon as your done reading those papers that the deputy just dropped off at your house or place of business.

In order to prepare the best defense you need to start work as soon as possible.  Deadlines for responses need to be adhered to and witnesses need to be interviewed before memories begin to fade.

Only experienced legal counsel can attend to all of these different tasks and requirements at the same time in order to assure that your rights are not compromised.

Civil Litigation